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Are you spending too much time planning?

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Sharon Snow

Travel Agent

With 35+ years of experience in international and group bookings, I understand what it takes to book a well-planned trip!

Whether you have 10 friends wanting to visit the Acropolis, 25 family members wanting to cruise together, or 2 couples wishing to hike the Matterhorn, I can arrange all the details of your dream vacation vision.


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Traveling Confidently Today

Quite a bit has changed over the last couple of years because of the pandemic. While not every country is on the same page welcoming tourists back to their lands, most are ready with open arms! Best tips for traveling today: Research the destination-whether it’s Montana or Mauritius, the more you know, the better Learn …

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Travel after Covid

Travel is different now. It just is.

To travel now requires multiple Covid tests prior to and during your travel. Belize is opening to tourists October 1st, but requires you to have a Covid test 48 hours prior to departure with rapid results before boarding your flight. During your stay, you’ll be tested up to 3 times. Any showing negative, and you …

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To Add Trip Protection or Not

Have you ever planned a big trip and then decided to not add the trip protection? Many people do. It’s an extra expense that so many do not want to add, especially after all the extras on the vacation any way. However, it is an absolute necessity in this world. (Especially with worldwide pandemics, earthquakes, …

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